Back to School and Essential Oils

Hello, Everyone,

Now that school has started, I am sure that you have been bombarded with papers to sign, supplies to get and the never-ending need for money to buy clothes.  Boy, do I remember! Well, some things just do not change! But are you prepared for what your child will bring home from school?? How about the stomach upsets or respiratory issues? How would you like to have a way to minimize these interruptions to their schedule and yours?  There are so many essential oils that do just that.  There are those that build and support immunity as well as relieve the discomforts from the start. Best of all, essential oils are all natural. Using them is very simple. All essential oils can be diffused aromatically or applied topically and if 100% pure,  some can be taken internally.  I know, you have heard that is not good. But let me assure you that I use oils that are 100% pure and the company that I use has oils that can be taken internally.  Just another thought on using essential oils…if your child is below the age of two years old, dilute any oil by the following ratio ( 1 drop of oil to 1 TBSP of carrier oil). If your child is between two and six years old, use this ratio (1 drop to 1 tsp of carrier oil). If the child is older than six, you can apply the oil neat (no dilution) unless your child has sensitive skin.  One of the best ways to apply essential oils is to the bottom of the feet.  It only takes about 20-30 seconds to get into the system. Pretty cool, right!

So you want to know more, please contact me at I am willing to personalize according to your needs.

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Debbie S.

As a health and wellness advocate for a major essential oil company, I spend my time teaching and sharing essential oils. My passion is to help families use essential oils to better their lives and support their health. With my chemistry and chemical engineering background, I can help others understand the importance of purity and how essential oils support the human body.

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